I problems to link my device with cloud.boltiot.com

I have had unlinked the device and I now the interface shows me to buy new one.

hello, please check your usb cable or adapter. Then also see blue led light and green led light.when green led is blenking not connected in wifi.then please check your modem are router anyone chech connection and try it again:)

The Attribute error in your CLI is caused because you have written mybolt.digitalwrite() whereas the function name is digitalWrite() with ‘W’ capital.
Camel casing techniques are often used to write functions

You can unlink and link the bolt products. It’s not an issue.
Link again and you won’t have to buy the bolt iot again

Check whether your bolt iot product is connected to your network properly and try again.

Hi @savalakanekar95574,

As I can see there is no device linked to your cloud account. Follow the setup process to link your device to your cloud account https://info.boltiot.com/how-to-setup-bolt

Do let me know in case you need any other information.