I tried to run the code but it's showing some errors

import conf from boltiot import Sms, Bolt import json, time minimum_limit = 300 maximum_limit = 600 mybolt = bolt(conf.API_KEY, conf.DEVICE_ID) sms = sms(conf.SID, conf.AUTH_TOKEN, conf.TO_NUMBER, conf.FROM_NUMBER) while True: print (“Reading sensor value”) response = mybolt.analogRead(‘A0’) data = json.loads(response) print("Sensor value is: " + str(data[‘value’])) try: sensor_value = int(data[‘value’]) if sensor_value > maximum_limit or sensor_value < minimum_limit: print(“Making request to Twilio to send a SMS”) response = sms.send_sms("The Current temperature sensor value is " +str(sensor_value)) print("Response received from Twilio is: " + str(response)) print(“Status of SMS at Twilio is :” + str(response.status)) except exception as e: print (“Error occured: Below are the details”) print (e) time.sleep(10)

Hi I tried to run this code but it’s not working.Can you please help?

Can you send a screenshot of the error you are facing?

@reddydheeraj94 It would better if you could format your code as it is unreadable in the way that you have pasted it.
Once you have pasted your code, you can click on the preformatted text option to make it readable.

As @adarshfrompupil has mentioned, please send across extra information about the error you are facing. A screenshot of the error will be really helpful along with the formatted code.