I want help during adding device to cloud

One problem connection doing with cloud
No device added then what are the process


At which step are you facing the problem? Please make sure you are following the exact instructions shown in the mobile App.

Can you please mention the process that you have followed step by step? This will help us in pinpointing the exact issue.

Hello, can you please elaborate on the problem you’re facing…
Better if you can post an image for the same…
Some troubleshooting if you want to try…
If no device was added you should try to get the mobile app of bolt and try to add the device again and re-enter the WiFi password. Once you do that you can link some project to it by visiting you bolt account with your Laptop/PC…

Do try the above steps and feel free to ask if that doesn’t work

Hello, can you please more elaborate your issue like where you are getting issue in connecting device to cloud?
If possible send any photos or images in detail so that we can help you in this problem.
My request for you to open bolt app in mobile and try to connect device again from starting and make sure you follow steps carefully each by each.
You can find steps in www.cloud.boltiot.com there u can see Docs page ,there u can find your issue in connecting device with cloud.
I really hope this could help u ,feel free to ask any further questions regarding this issue.