I want to connect to different cloud platform and not BOLT IOT

How do I connect to different cloud platform other than Bolt Iot .

@parijatkundu244 You can connect bolt module to your own cloud not only bolt cloud. You can do this by making sure you have your API key enabled and you’ll also need your Bolt device name. You can either create a Digital Ocean account or else install ubuntu as a virtual machine and program in python to control your bolt module.

Hey! @parijatkundu244 you can do this by using your own pc as the cloud for your bolt device. This can be done by using API key and Bolt device id to connect with the bolt wifi module and you can program any project by using python as your language. There are many ways to use your computer as a cloud for saving data, some of them are :-
1:- You can install ubuntu on virtual box or vmware and use terminal of Linux for all the processing of the project.
2:- You can use JupyterNotebook/pycharm or other python interpreter for the same.
3:- You can create an account for your own cloud on Digital Ocean. As this is a part of your training you can make it for free for one month and after it you have to do as instructions given in the trainning section of DigitalOcean in training.boltiot.com so that you will not have to pay for this one month.