I want to return the hardware kit ..,not 10 days has been over but in website it is showing about has refunded please do reply to this..,and tell what should be done

I want to return the hardware kit ,iam not satisfied with the kit i got …,i have applied for an refund …,and gave the date to collect hardware on 2nd of April but no one came to collect…,i website it showing already the refund as been done so please do the necessary steps for the refund …,i want to refund .,i received the kit on March 27 …, applied for refund on 29th of March …,and date given was to collect kiti is on 2nd of April …, within tomorrow they should come and collect are else 10 days will be over for as per the refund policy,…,so please do necessary actions for refund policy and reply for this message

Hi @ashwiniashu40622,

You do not need to worry about this. As you have applied for a refund within 10 days post-delivery of the kit, you will surely get your refund once the kit is returned back. Sometimes courier partners are unable to pick up kits due to a huge workload. They will reattempt it and pick your kit back as soon as possible.

You will get a call from the person who is going to pick up your kit. Once your kit is returned and reaches Bolt IoT Warehouses, your refund will be initiated.