Identifying to which network my BOLT is connected

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When I entered a room there were 3-4 hotspots available. And when I powered up my bolt it finally shows blue stable light. I am not able to see to which hotspot should I connect my phone so that I can control my BOLT.

In short, Please tell how to identify to which network the particular BOLT device is connected If one forgets to which network he/she has connected the BOLT before.

NOTE :Eventhough I can go to the networks one by one and can see the devices which are connected to it. As its time consuming and hence I recommend BOLT only to tell .

Bolt will connect to the Hotspots whose SSID and Password you entered during the setup.

If you have fogotten, take it to an area where there is no other net available.
Connect to the Bolt Hotspot.
Setup the SSID and Password of the Network to which you want it to connect.

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The method which you wrote will not be feasible always and hence I think if the following feature which I am suggesting will be included within the BOLT setup , it will be more awesome thing to the BOLT users.

I suggest you like, when we enter the USSID, password and device name properties come , BOLT should also provide information to which network it was and is connected so that it becomes easy to identify if user forgets. *Something like History with the current status of its Network.

BOLT is already wonderful. Let’s make it even more big by adding and molding suggestions of it’s users with the help of its outstanding team!

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Thank you for your suggestion. For now ipaddress/serveFile?filename=bs.txt will show the details.

Replace ipaddress with the IP address of your bolt like

Thank you!

I think there is a typo error. It will be IP address/serveFile?filename=bs.txt. In file F is capital.

Rest all is fine . I got the details.

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