If i don't create a digital-ocen account, then i can able to use ubuntu server or not?

if i don’t have any digital ocen account, then i can not use ubuntu server? which is installed in my laptop via VMware? please help.

@mohantyswayamshree you can use either Digital Ocean as your cloud instance service provider or else you can install ubuntu as a virtual machine and proceed the course with it. In order to become an IoT expert, Digital Ocean is used as cloud instance service. Since you dont have an account in Digital Ocean you can continue with the course using the ubuntu installed in your PC. Both are virtual machines only but the difference is that you’ll get cloud computing experience using Digital Ocean.
I hope this cleared your doubt.


Sure,you can install an Ubuntu server on your local system using VMware instead of Digital Ocean.Both are Virtual Machines for processing the data collected in Bolt Cloud. Also,note that the Operating System which the computer is running on will not be affected in any way.