If you have 2 gb ram so can we use VMware

if we have a ram of 2 gb so can we use the VMware on the laptop then or is there anything else we can do

Minimum specification required for VMware is that your device should have 4GB of RAM and a 64-bit built.So you might not be able to run it properly on your laptop.

Instead try using repl.it. Its an online IDE, Editor, Compiler, Interpreter. Just create your own repl, choose the programming language(python in this case) and you’re good to go.

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hi @jainr8488
personally I don’t think so that u can use VMware with only 2 GB ram.
m providing u a link for this. (it’s trustworthy-my senior runs a startup also making tech videos)
U should upgrade your ram with at least 4 GB or 6 GB to run effectively.

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Yes you can run VMware on laptop having 2GB ram, Well I have a laptop with 2GB ram and it works well on it,also if you have 32bit OS in your pc just install previous versions of VMware, which supports 32bit OS, it works perfectly well for the rest of the traning.

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how much space we should assign to it in 2 gb ram

Same as it has been mentioned in the tutorial i.e 10gb.

It will definitely work on 2GB ram given that you use an old version of VMware.
Search for a version compatible with 2GB RAM and you’re good to go.