IFTTT Experiment does not work with my bolt

I am unable to recieve an email via bolt.
I have read all threads on this topic . It am recieving an email when i put the link directly on the browser.
I even pasted the exact code from the tutorial in my index.htm file but the issue is still there.
Please Help !

We have been facing a lot of issue with IFTTT which appears to be due to a change in APIs/codes of IFTTT.

I request you to try updating the Bolt OS: http://boltiot.com/update It might solve the problem but cannot assure of it.

We are working to resolve the IFTTT issue at erliest.

sir, i did this already. But still it is not working

not even my thingspeak experiment is working but i am able to connect my bolt with the cloud

Follow this link for ifttt issue. It will work for you.

Please use Bolt cloud for data visualisation. Bolt does not support ThingSpeak any more. Bolt cloud gives you lot more freedom and features to visualise data.

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