I'm not able to access the lecture

I enrolled myself to this course.I could access only the first video.the rest of them are not playing

Have you paid the course fees? If yes, then after 2-3 days, a mail will be sent to you which contains a coupon code to enrol the course. After that you will be able to access all the videos. If you have not received any mail yet, wait for at least 2 more days, because Saturday and Sunday are the holidays in BOLT. After then if you
are still facing difficulties, then contact support@boltiot.com

Hi @varuvarshurao:
Could you reply with which browser you are using to access the course?

The course works best with google chrome and firefox.

Hi @vinayak.joshi : I suggest you to use Google chrome to access your course since you can login into your bolt account and bolt cloud rapidly.