I'm unable to configure the product

I’m unable to configure the product. As soon as I choose A0 and give the name to it for my plant monitoring project ,it takes me to the readme panel . I have given all the description about it and saved it too, still it takes me to that panel every time.

When you are configuring the product, it will open the readme panel by default. Click on the Hardware section and click on the A0 pin and set a variable name for it. Move on to the Code section and type in the file name and select the file extension and type your code. Save your code and exit. Make sure you use the same name in the code that you have given for the variable name and do make sure that your device is online while you are configuring the product and also when you want to deploy the configuration. I hope this was helpful.

@kumuda221 Please elaborate on the issue, are you having trouble configuring the hardware?

@kumuda221 as @tanmay.letsgocena07 said, once you click on configure the product, you will be directed to Readme tab. You have to navigate to hardware tab, select the PIN, give it a name and then save it. Then navigate to the code and write the code accordingly and don’t forget to use your A0 PIN name, now save the code and see if this works.

@kumuda221 When you open to configure it, by default it will take you to the Readme section of the 3 available sections - Readme, Hardware, and Code. You have to select the Hardware and select the output pin and give it a variable name. Then move on to the code part and update the code with your variable.