I'm unable to connect my bolt iot

Hii sir, Im unable to connect to my bolt iot kit to my mobile/pc. Please respond to this by this i can access my account

Please check if your WiFi network has Internet connectivity. You can visit speedtest.net and check if you are getting suitable speed. You will need a stable, working internet connection for Bolt to connect to your cloud account.
Refer all the possible reasons and their solutions here:

You should go through the video tutorial available over internet

steps to connect bolt IoT device:

  1. install bolt app
  2. switch on your bolt device. after which blue LED will blink slowly
  3. turn off your mobile data.
  4. turn on your WiFi button on your mobile and search for the bolt WiFi connection.
  5. connect your mobile with bolt device. after that your LED will blink faster which means it is ready to get connect to the cloud server for connection.
  6. after that turn on your WiFi connection in your home if any or use another mobile hot-spot to get connected to the bolt cloud server.
  7. and use that WiFi for getting connected to the cloud server every time you want to get connected to the bolt cloud server.
    Finally, if any query arises ping me for further assistance.

Firstly check your wifi connection.And try to connect it as shown in video…
If then too its not working , use this–
1.connect your PC to Internet first and then open the web(https://cloud.boltiot.com)
2.After opening web on PC,Start the BOLT App on mobile.
3.Connect the Bolt device to the Wifi using mobile APP.
4.Your Bolt IOT device will online there.
hopefully,my information will help you to connect your device…

@guradipranay99 I also faced this problem,

  1. Plizz check internet of your phone from which you can operate your bolt app.
  2. keep High accuracy mode of GPS location of the same phone.
    3.check from the source you access internet,source has internet connectivity or not.
    4.if this is not working the switch off yr bolt module and bolt app also
    5.Again try to connect the module with proper process.
    6.some time it will take some amount of time to connect the source