I'm unable to connect my boltiot app with wifi module

I’m trying to connect my boltiot app with wifi module but i’m unable to do it as it is continuously showing something didn’t go as expected i followed steps given in how to setup video of boltiot app and i tried to do it in another phone but it is still showing same error

Hi @shwetapingle7777,
I would request you to send a screenshot of the error.

sir, my previous problem got solved after trying two three times but now i am facing new issue

Hi @shwetapingle7777,
This is an internal server error, it is a backend problem. Can you please confirm if it’s resolved now?

I have forwarded the issue to the concerned team and they will fix it as soon as possible.

Hi @shwetapingle7777,

Apology for the inconvenience, Can you share your device publicly and update the same to support@boltiot.com?

It got fixed sir tysm