Image is not inserted in html

sir i have written the code in text editor for inserting a image in html page.i opened the file with firefox.all the body i have written was shown but the image is not came.

The image was not inserted because in src we need to mention the path of the image to be displayed in png or another format of image.But here u mentioned link of a google web page which is not an image .Hope this Helps.

i guess u missed out the closing tag of image

check if you have closed the src link with “” and try to open the link and see if the image is there because its an image from google it can be deleted

write code as <img src=“image name.file format” file format means for e.g. png ,jpg like that

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Please check the image source. You have provided google search link instead of the image source.

<img alt=“Qries” src=“
width=150" height=“70”>

This is the syntax to give a link as a source. You might have missed out the extension of the image. that is you might have missed out the .jpg or .png Check it out.