Import error :unable to check device status

no module named boltiot

Hi @mahadikvedant2017,

It seems that you have not installed the Bolt IoT library which is required for you to run your code.

Please go through the VPS setup topic again, and you will find the instructions required to install the libaray.

Hi @mahadikvedant2017
It seems that you are using Ubuntu on vmware workstation & working with Ubuntu is complicated specially on vmware .
Check the following :

  • Ubuntu has multiple version of Python installed.
  • If there is multiple version of Python check in which version the boltiot module installed.

If your problem is not get solved then

  • Try installing Python3.8 directly on windows and then install boltiot package using pip command. It will work if you system is connected with internet .
  • Or you can use ubuntu on AWS ec-2 instances which is cloud ubuntu server & it is free of cost for 12 months if you create new account on AWS.


You can install Anaconda Navigator or Python 3.7 to run python code, which are alternative for DigitalOcean or Vmware-Ubuntu.
For project 6, Python code we get error message as “TypeError: ‘module’ object is not callable”.
Resolution: We can just code as below to get the response- if your using directly python tool then internet should be connected to your system.

api_key = “your API key”
device_id = “BOLTXXXXXX”
mybolt = Bolt.Bolt(api_key,device_id) — Calling bolt class which is in bolt file.