Important update regarding issues with Google login on Bolt Cloud and quizzes in the training content

  1. Google login on Bolt Cloud website and Bolt IoT Android and iOS apps
    We are currently experiencing issues with Google Sign-in feature on our website and the Bolt IoT mobile apps. Our team is in touch with Google to resolve the issue.
    Solution: Until the issue is resolved, we request you to use the email and password-based method to log in to Bolt Cloud. If you have not set a password for your email id before, you can use the forgot password feature to set a password for your email id and then log in using the email id and password.

  2. Quizzes in the training content
    The Quizizz app that we use for interactive quizzes in our training content is currently not working as expected. These are quizzes at the end of topics to do a quick test about your knowledge of the topics that you just learned. We are currently working with their team and are expecting the issue to be solved in 1 week.
    Solution: Until the issue is resolved, you can continue with the training content as these are short quizzes that are only for your reference and do not affect your final test score. Your certificate will not be affected due to the quizzes. Hence you can proceed with your training without any worries.

We regret the inconvenience caused to you by the above issues and looking into fixing them at the earliest. If you are unable to follow the solution provided above or have any doubts please reply to this post so that we can help you out.

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Google Login from Bolt Cloud is FIXED and you can continue using the Google Sign-in to Log In to your Bolt Cloud.

Incase you signed up directly with your email ID, instead of Signing in with Google, then it won’t work. The update only lets you use the Google Sign-in without any issues.

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