In controlling LED project the LED light is not glowing

I have performed all the steps shown and had also tried the troubleshooting methods to glow the LED but it didn’t glow.I have tried by changing pins 0 to 4 and altering code accordingly but still LED is not Glowing.

First, check that you have properly connected the required components or not, check the polarity, the code, bolt wifi module both lights are glowing or not. Doing all these steps and still, the LED does not glow then there might be some fault in the LED Or Bolt module.

i have checked everything , there’s no fault in led. The LDR project is working , i m recieving output . But in LED controlling project my module is not responding to the inputs i m giving via my laptop or mobile app.

My led was also not glowing having made all the proper connections, then I rewrote the code and saved the code after that it started glowing. Please check and rewrite the code properly.There should not be any error with the code you have written.

Everything was right , i recieved an email regarding my API has been blocked , that’s why LED was not glowing

Even I had the same problem, but I could resolve the problem by repeating the procedures repeated and finally led glowed when ON button is clicked.
But when I altered the program a bit to add BLINK button. Except the blink button the remaining two buttons ON and OFF are working.
Here is the altered program, can I know what’s wrong with this?
NOTE: I couldn’t show the whole program directly,so I have placed some single quotes in the tags and please consider them.
<‘title>Bolt IoT Platform</title’>
<‘script type=“text/javascript” src=“”></script’>
<‘button onclick=“digitalWrite(0, ‘HIGH’);”>ON
<‘button onclick=“digitalWrite(0, ‘LOW’);”>OFF
<‘button onclick=“led_blink()”>BLINK
function led_blink(){
var c=0;
setTimeout(function(){digitalWrite(0, ‘HIGH’);},1000);
setTimeout(function(){digitalWrite(0, ‘LOW’);},1000);

First of all check your bolt iot module is connected to your wifi ,as green light is glowing or not ,then check the code you write and don’t forget to save the code and check your connection is proper or not as i had a same issue ,then check whether the resister you use is not of very high ohm as it decreases the intensity of light ,use a small ohm resistor, after doing this still you facing the same problem then change the led it might be not working properly

Check connections of led positive terminal connected to one terminal of resistor and negative connected to ground.other terminal of resistor connect to 0 pin.Once check your code.

Check connections of LED positive terminal connected to one terminal of resistor and negative connected to ground. Other terminal of resistor connect to 0 pin. once check your code