In edit product for plant_monitor they are telling to select the product UI,but in video it is not mentioned.What I want to do now to go further?


Please edit your post.

In the Topic name, mention where you are facing the issue. And mention the details in the body.


If you have only started your training, then keep it as default.

As you go ahead with your IoT and ML training, you’ll come across the Web Development part, where you’ll know about html and js (javascript).

Post that, you can explore the features on our Cloud, which lets you choose the html or js file for your Product instantly and independently.

For any doubts further in the dashboard, you can freely discuss and ask about them on this forum.

Do make sure to follow the proper method to post your queries.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

i had also faced the same problem. u can delete a product and make it again, if it is showing same then select default option.