In module home automation project 3 controlling led

in module home automation project 3 controlling led

My led is not working i tried both of the leds no one is working now.

When i did this connection first time and write the same code then this project did not work properly and after sometimes i changed the led also but it doesnt worked even for the first time i don’t know what happend


I also see some of solution but it didn’t resolve.

so any one please guide me about this.

here is the code i use and i make connection same as shown in figures in the module

Hi @dhanushns2000,

Try sending the GPIO command directly from the browser . Replace your API key and device in the below request and share a screenshot the response.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

i didnt get understood can u help in a more convinient way

Hi @dhanushns2000,

When you write

digitalWrite(0, 'HIGH') 

It triggers the digitalWrite function from this file
You can check What is boltCommands.js?.

Then, the digitalWrite function triggers the Bolt Cloud API and it is the same as

I am asking you that instead of using writing HTML code, you can directly send the switch on and off command by running this URL in your browser.

For example: Open this URL in the browser

As you can see in the screenshot, I am getting response invalid API key. Now in the URL API key with You API key and device id with your device id and check the response. I will suggest you go through this documentation

Do let m know in case you need any other information.

Hello There I am also getting same error hare is my screen shot

@shivabisht2002 That means your Bolt cloud is rate limited for the next 6 hours. Bolt Cloud allows a limited number of API hits in a specific interval. Details for the same are given below

Avoid flooding of API requests in the future. If you want immediate access to your cloud account, unblock your limit using the link in the email that you have received by Bolt.