In my html web page ,image not appearing

I uploaded my code,pls help me to sove it,i also put same path location of the image in code.

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Possible reason - Identation error

  1. Select the the whole bottom div tag, from < div > to < /div >. Press TAB once. It will shift the block to the right.
  2. Another, < a > anchor tag on the top. Do a proper identation by putting < /a > right below the < a >

Save the file and right click -> Open in Browser

Sample of proper identation -

If still facing same issue, send a snap of the browser window.

@sec19ec114 Front end styling languages are indentation free because of the fact that there are curly braces and brackets to seperate a particular code section.

Do share the screenshot of the resulting webpage so that I can help you further. Are you facing this issue with the entire images which you have used in the webpage or with just one image?

  1. Are you opening the html page directly in your browser? Or are you deploying it to any server and then opening the page?
  2. Check where you have placed the image files. Are the filenames exactly the same you have defined here in the html file?
  3. I think the issue is that when you open the page, the browser does not know where to look for the images. You can find this out by opening the Inspect function in Chrome or Debugger in Firefox to check the console for errors. The error will give you clues about where the browser is looking for the images.

yes,I opening my html page in browser.
I placed my images where the html is using in same page.

IN index,html page shows image but they given me a website ,then i put the web addres in chrome it doesnt show image but show in index.html page only.

first screenshot i attached is html page.
second screenshot is in my wesite it didnt show the image’

this screenshot is when i open the code in browse it shows image.

You have to upload the whole folder where your images are present, so that the images gets hosted.
Convert the folder to ZIP and upload the zip folder on the hosting site.

How will it show the images, if you have uploaded only the HTML file. You images are still on your computer.

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how to covert html file to zip file,thank u for soving my doubt.

Convert the FOLDER, not the HTML file. Your COFFEE SHOP FOLDER.

Locate the “COFFEE SHOP” folder in your PC > Right Click on the folder > Add to Archive > set Archive Format to ZIP > Click OK

Then upload COFFEE to the hosting site.