In my webpage, image is not appearing

I have written the code and also added the image link as mentioned but image is not appearing.

@tejasparit2001 please describe with image by code show so we can get clear picture

<!DOCTYPE html>
<body bgcolor="#660066" text="#e7eef8">
	<img src="" width="150" height="150">
	<p>WELCOME to my webpage you can get all the imfomation regarding IOT's.</p>
      <a href=""target="_blank">visit my website</a>

Try to download image and give src
Cz sometime from some websites some images r not getting linked so download keep both html and download file in one folder
Try image name in this format like Image_1.png

you can’t just put an "http" and render it to an "html" page, because your src isn’t validaty the extention of image type like (jpg/jpeg/png)

the code must need to be something like this ending with.jpg .png or .jpeg

<img src="https://image.jpg" width="460" height="345">

To get this kind of link, go to the photo and right click then select Copy Image Location


thank you, your suggetion helped me to solve the issue.

thank you for your suggetion