In WiFi connection it's showing Bolt ..... (Connected,no internet)

Hello I’m Anubhav,
And I was doing the light sensor but suddenly I saw the device was showing offline. Then I did the connection again but still after making the light connection sensor connection again it went offline. Then I was fixing the resistor connection and suddenly the green led went off. Then again when I’m trying to connect it’s showing that Bolt… (Connected, no internet). Please help me.IMG_20210117_133148|281x500


Hey Anubhav, Its Rishab here. I think your Bolt module is disconnected from your wifi connection, that’s why its shown in your phone. You should retry connecting it to the wifi connection and if it still doesn’t work then you have to connect it to the bolt cloud again via bolt app. I Hope it works.

I’ve tried but still it’s showing the same. It’s not connecting only to my WiFi which is the Tplink as shown below and neither to any hotspot.

But it was working well suddenly I don’t know what happened.

In that case, you need to reconnect the bolt module to the cloud again, follow the below steps :-

  1. Connect with the bolt module’s hotspot and if it asks for the password then check it on the mobile app of bolt module. ( you can find it in the app, when you click on add device)

  2. When your phone is connected to bolt module, then follow the on screen instructions on the app.

  3. And then it should connect to the bolt cloud again. And you can verify it on the app.

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Thank you very much it’s solved I was doing wrongly I was thinking it’s showing no internet so I could not connect it to my wifi but I was wrong.

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Hi Anubhav,
This isn’t actually a problem, even I faced the same issue you have while connecting my bolt device to wifi. Only at first, bolt asked me to connect to my device wifi through the given password. Once the connection is successful you’ll be passed on to next stage where you’re required to give password to connect to wifi or mobile hotspot on which you’ll be working.
Hope I cleared what you were looking for. Kindly respond if you still face any issues.