Increasing the frequency of data collection on Bolt Cloud

I am building a temperature monitoring system with LM35 that sends data to Bolt Cloud via the cloud dashboard. It sends data every 5 minutes. Is there any way we can increase the frequency of temperature reads to the graph. :Posting it for a user


Every time the Bolt pushes data to the Cloud, this data takes up some of the space on our databases. This space costs us money.
To ensure that we can give lifetime free access to the Cloud for every purchase of the Bolt, we have to ensure that that the price we are paying for the space on the Cloud does not rise exponentially, for every device that we sell.

After quite a number of surveys, and discussion with experts, we came to the conclusion that setting this data collection rate to collect data at best once every 5 minutes, was the the best possible choice.
Most of our customers didn’t have an issue with this data rate, and this data rate also kept the data space usage on the Cloud to a minimum.

While we do understand that some applications may need the data rate to be higher, increasing the data rate would adversely effect our pricing.

But there are a few exceptions.

If you want to sample the data quickly to ensure that your product is working, you can click on the deploy configuration button, and the Bolt will push new data to the Cloud for every click.
You can read more about the deploy configuration feature by clicking here

If you need the data rate to be higher, without requiring to click the deploy configuration button, it would be best to use our Cloud API to collect the data on your own Cloud and plot it using the same.
You can go through our Cloud API by clicking here


Sir should we keep our project at diffrent temperature to get the graph or graph will change automatically