Increasing the range of IR Sensor

Hello! I am Sujal. I need to know how to increase the range of IR Sensor. Also what is the use of the small screw given on the sensor? Please someone help me to resolve this problem!!!

Hey Sujal, the screw is a used for distance regulations. You can adjust the distance of the sensor by rotating it. Moreover, I found a suitable site where you can check how to increase the range.

See if any of the methods work out for you.

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Hey thanks for help but can you please explain in detail that how to increase the range of IR Sensor by using the screw? Range will increase when I make the screw tight? or it will decrease? Thanks for replying me. :grinning::grinning:

Hey have you connected your Bolt WiFi module? If yes how? I am having my personal data so I am unable to connect so can I connect using someone’s phone’s data?

To increase the range you need to rotate the screw anticlockwise and to decrease, clockwise. It does not work on the principle of whether the screw is tight or not. The rotation of the Trimmer (screw as per your terms) will change the resistance in the circuit.
I hope I made your doubt clear.