Industrial Alert System

Sir, I tried implementing the buzzer as I did for Project 3, i.e. Controlling LEDs. But my buzzer didn’t work on clicking the on button on the html page. I’ve double checked all the hardware connections.
Connections I made are as follows:
Buzzer’s shorter leg with the female part of wire.
Male part of the wire to the GND of the module.
Buzzer’s longer leg wrapped with one end of the resistor.
The other end of the resistor to the GPIO.
Please help!!

Don’t connect the resistor in the circuit…connect the longer leg of the buzzer directly to the GPIO . it will work , try it…Even if you connect the resistor,you can hear a low sound from the buzzer. There may be some error in the code.Please send the image of the code that you have typed in the project

Don’t connect the resistor just use only the buzzer. That will work for you.

The resistor will restrict the output flow, so don’t use it, this will solve the problem.