Industrial safety alert project

I cannot understand the concept of our 4th project. What are we actually doing and how

This is similar to controlling led project(Project 3)!This is an alert system in a industry used in any case of emergency. Instead of switching on the emergency alert button you can simply use your phone’s application to trigger the emergency alert buzzer and send sms to the recipients that there is an emergency in the industry. So, That an alert can be triggered at ease. I hope that you will understand the case. Thank U!:grinning:

@arjunraj How to do it. Can you explain the steps

@aanchalachal The only thing that would change is that when an alert is detected, you will need to send an SMS or alert or maybe switch on the buzzer.
You can refer to the code for sending SMS in the training as an example.

Hi @aanchalachal,

Bolt IoT recently launched the alert feature where you can send the

  • Push notification,
  • SMS
  • Email

just by creating the alert and by linking the device to the alert.

Check this link

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

i am not able to get the notification my device is working properly
still i am unable to get the notification

Hi @maazbobat3012,

Can you share the screenshot of your alert configuration? Also, send us the screenshot of your Bolt graph.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Hi @maazbobat3012,

We have fixed the issue for your account. Can you check if you are receiving the notifications now?

I ll check and let u know

Could share me Safety alert system code