Infinite While Loop in Industrial setting

I have just implemented an iOT light sensing with Digital Ocean using Python. Architecture is described here:

In the lectures an infinite while loop is used to monitor the sensor using a sleep timer. I want to know if this is a best practice in the industry? If not, what are the best practices for monitoring an iOT sensor in practice?

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@muralikrishna.k.n if a product has to be installed in a production firm then it has to work for whole day without interruption. So that’s equivalent to running an infinite loop.

As of now you had just used the Ubuntu to run the pyhton code but you can also some online platforms which works for 24×7 and if they found a particular anomaly then the actions are performed. Platforms like Integromat and IFTT helps you to run a particular scenario again and again which serves the purpose.

You can refer to this thread if you want to know about Integromat:

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