Initial Password for Bolt IoT?

For the initial connection with Bolt IoT via the Bolt IoT app I need a Wifi password. Where do I find this?

Hello @stefan, the guide here should help you get started: Getting Started with Bolt

Well, I spend 2h on the guide without success before posting the question…
In my iPhone X the copy-to-clipboard function did not work. Why don’t you document the Wifi password in the documentation. Would make things soooo much easier.

Try password “bolt1234”


Hi @stefan My apologies for the bad experience you had with Bolt. Will make sure we add the password on the App as well as in the documentation at earliest. As mentioned by @gowthamkrishnateja the password is bolt1234

I suggest you use to get started with Bolt. This is the new documentation we are working on and will be soon linked to Bolt Cloud and We have just launched it yesterday.

cc: @pranav.kundaikar.inv

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@stefan also, do check if the WiFi network to which you will be connecting Bolt works at 2.4 GHz. Bolt does NOT support 5 GHz WiFi Networks at the moment.

@stefan based on your feedback I have made an update to the documentation on the following link and added the password for the WiFi Hotspot as part of it. We will also add it to the Mobile App too.:

However, I feel that the documentation for the setup process can be written in a better way then it is right now. We plan to launch a major UX update to the Bolt Mobile App in 2 weeks time. I shall re-write the setup process after the update and keep your suggestions in mind.

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Thx for your support. Good improvements. Somehow this was a problem with my iPhone X. It worked with my iPhone 6. So, this issue is closed.