Innovation Challenge

will every person who participates in the challenge get a certificate

You will get certificate if you complete the course. For certificate we have to pass the certification test.Challenge is for prize only certificate is not for entering the challenge.
Thier are certain conditions for getting certificate these are

certificate will be given only when you complete the course with examination and there no link between challenge and course completion if you did not complete the course also you can participate in the innovation challenge.

my query was that the first 3 winners will get a certificate will the other participants get certificate in the innovation challenge.

As they have not mentioned anything about the participation certificate. I don’t think except the first three rest will get.

I think a certificate will be given only for the top 3 places in individual prize and top 3 colleges with maximum students who qualify for the final round if you participate in the innovation challenge.

Do we have to take up the exam before 31st December too just like the challenge? Or can we do that at our own pace?

Where should I submit all the projects (1st to 16th) of boltIot???