Inserting ldr into bolt module

I am new to this electronics and stuff… Can someone tell me how deep should i insert my ldr and resistor.
Should i insert my ldr completely till the bottom or is it fine if it is little above

You cannot insert the ldr completely.
Just try to insert the ldr in the bolt pin normally as you do for charging pins and earphone pins and make sure that the device is connected properly.

completely in the sense…
till the pin reaches the bottom

you can, but just make sure that don’t apply too much pressure.

Don’t insert completely just insert two make a connection and for the first project in the training one end should be inserted in the 3V3 pin and the other in the A0 pin.

Obviously…don’t apply too much pressure onto the pins of ldr or with any other components … just start inserting them and you can feel that the pins get the required grip with the bolt module … and make sure that at no point do the 3.3V (or even 5V) and GND pins or wires coming out of them touch each other ,otherwise the current drawn might be high enough to destroy the Bolt module…hope this can help you a lot …best of luck