Install boltiot module in python

Hi, I am getting this error while trying to install the boltiot module in python. Can anyone please help me resolve it?


Use the command pip3 and not pip.

Let me know if you still face the issue

I am still facing the issue.

I have also added the path in environment variables. Still there is a syntax error.


Enter exit() and come out of the python inpterpreter. sudo is a bash command which is used in the Linux shell. It cannot be used inside python.

sudo gives an admin privilege to the command you enter.
pip3 is a python module installer. It usually searches in the PyPi directory and then the website for the module you want to install.

So, you have to install the boltiot python module on your device first. Which will be later used to control the Bolt IoT device from python itself.

does it matter where on my device i install boltiot python module?


Not really. Does not matter in which directory you are in, the installation is in the main python directory only. The module can be accessed anywhere.

Make sure to be in the same directory, your python file (example - is present. You’ll be creating python files, write the code inside it and run it from the directory.
With the below command you can run that file (if the files is inside that folder),


To double-check, you can even run ls to and a list of files present in the directory will be visible.

Do let me know if you have any other queries.

You are trying to use pip command inside python interpreter use “exit()” command and try using pip install boltiot command in the terminal . It will work.