Integrating Bolt iot and google sheets

Hello Kindly help help me to get bolt iot data into google sheets.
Problem I am facing is I am not unable to see value function required to get data.
Please tell me what i am supposed to do.


What operation did you select in Bolt module?

I selected Read analog input


I see there are 2 bolt modules you have selected. You can try searching ‘value’ on Search Items.

This is how it usually looks with proper settings.

This is my setting

Bt still I cannot see value variable


Looks like we need to update few settings from our side.

To see the value item,

  1. Add the user ID and Run the scenario. (Bolt Module should be Online)
  2. Once your scenario is run successfully, you’ll see the value item from the next time.

Apology for the inconvenience.

It worked.
Thank you for your help