Integromat doubt

Hi. I had a small doubt. I would really like it if you helped.

So, here I have created a bolt iot module that reads the value of pin A0. Then I have added 2 modules which happen only if the value read in the first module is greater that 335. Over there i had set up a filer which had shown me an option to use 1.value in order to get the value frok mthe first module and then perform actions on them. These images would help.

a. the bolt module which reals the analog data.


b. The filter which allows the modules above it to run only if the condition is met.


So here, i am getting a dynamic option of 1.value which is the sata we got from the first module. Now i am trying to add this filter again in a different route but i am not getting the 1. value option. Why is that so?


See it’s from the also from the same router from which i was able to set up the filer in anther route. Here, i am not getting the 1.value option like that. Lke earlier it was in green and was a dynamic valiable and if i hovered over it, it said this is a custom variable.


Can you please tell me how can i get the custom variable option for the other route as well. PLease do help me.

Hi @jindaldhruva,

Can you share the screenshot of your Integromat scenario ? Or make a video of Integromat scenario and upload it to google drive and then share the public link of the video with us. I am inviting @yeshwant.naik. He will help you out with this query.

Here is the link-