INTEGROMAT Facebook module trigger as create post

Hi , I tried adding the module facebook and then adding a trigger to create a post but I am not able to find any action which will let me create the post on Facebook . I am confused on what’s the action that has to be selected as I feel none of the actions that are mentioned in the list won’t let me post. Correct me If am wrong.

Kindly, help me out on this.
Thank you

First it has to Get a value from Something. That’s why first we need to get input from either a post on Facebook, or a mail or a weather change, etc.

Then we connect it to a router, and make it trigger.

Connect it to facebook to create a post when triggered. Check below image. (Tell me if it was helpful)

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Can you explain the various triggers of the different modules required to finally trigger creating a post by facebook?

Yeah, had the same problem… Looks like they removed that trigger for some reason?

Hi @nssranushaI
I think the create post function is not available anymore. however if you create a FB page with your account and add the ’ FB pages’ module in the scenario then it has an option of creating a post.