Integromat how to trigger message in twitter

I tried turning off lights on/off hoping for a message on twitter but I still didn’t get an end result.what should I do?
here is a screenshot of the reading.Ignore the [g^ as it got auto typed when I tried taking screenshot using windows game recorder

Hi @varunjkp2001,

You need to wait for the code to accumulate 10 or more readings before it can run the anomaly detection algorithm.

What is the FRAME_SIZE that you have set in the configurations? You have to set it to a minimum of 10. As per what I can see in the output, you have set this to 1.

I checked the FRAME_SIZE.Its set as 10.

I tried waiting by collecting more than 10 readings. Then when i turned lights on/off nothing happened.
What should i do?

In the integromat console i get this message.

“The request was accepted. Waiting for data.”

Hi @varunjkp2001,

Could you share the code that you have written fully, so that we can understand what your code is trying to do?

Hi @varunjkp2001,

Please remove the lines of code that I have highlighted using a red square.
What these lines do is just print the value of the sensor (print instruciton), make the code sleep for 10 seconds (time.sleep) and take the control for the code back to the start of the while loop (continue instruction).
Becaue these lines are done without any checks for any condition (unlinke the once above the red square), your code never goes to convert the sensor value to integer, and is does not compute the z-score or the bounds for the analysis.

Thanks a lot.It worked now