Integromat not recieving message on twitter

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this is the code pls tell me what is the problem
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I am not getting any tweet but it is showing successful exceution

Pls reply about the error


Everything looks great. Did you run the scenario while running the Python script?

Hi @virajent12 ,
Apologies for the delayed response. Your code seems correct. I would recommend you unlink and relink your Twitter account.

@virajent12 also, make sure you turn on scheduling and set it to “Immediately as data arrives”. Also, please delete this webhook and create a new one as soon as possible as you have shared the URL publicly. Always use conf files / environment variables to store webhook urls.

I have run the scenario first and then the python command


I believe the twitter block is a premium app, do you have a subscription to make webhook request for twitter? Is the scenario running (executing)?

i have to tried facebook and see the result

What is this error

I have recieve the message on facebook and it is exceuted on both light decresed and increased scenario

@virajent12 seems like your Bolt API is rate limited. You must have called the API too frequently. There are some API ACCESS RULES that you may check out here. Please go through the rules and modify your code in such a way that you don’t break the rules, otherwise your access will be blocked for 6 hours. It may also be the case that you were running and terminating the program again and again, resulting on excessive API calls. If you need more bandwidth, consider upgrading to Bolt Cloud Pro.

I guess here the case is that you are running and terminating the code again and again. Please wait for 6 hours from the time it got blocked and then try again.