Intenship Certificate

I want Internship Certificate to be submit in the college sir… please send certificate as soon as possible.
My email:
Mobile number: 8500222661

Hi @satyamani12341,
Please let us know which internship have you applied for?

First complete your training program and then you will get internship…

I guess, you will be provided with the internship certificate once you have completed the training program, examination as well as the listings of the internship.

An internship Certificate can be given by bolt after u complete the course and either u submit a video report of a project that u have made or built two different project with Bolt IOT and ML platform and submit the text content, u should receive the email containing the internship certificate after it is approved within 5 working days,so to get an internship certificate u should first complete the training with at least scoring 50% or more marks in exam and focus on making a unique project

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first of all you need to complete your internship project , than probably u will get

You need to complete all criterias , then only you will receive the certificate.

To get the internship certificate, firstly you need complete your training part, next you must take the certification exam, later on you must make a video of 2 minutes which consists of outcomes of the training you have taken and all the mini projects has to be completed, next for the certification exam you must have answered any of the two questions in the bolt IoT forum and these answer links must be copy pasted in the certification exam.

First complete your training program and then you will get is AI based system.