Interface Arduino with bolt

How to interface Arduino with bolt?


You can follow this docs link to connect Bolt device with an Arduino.

@arorasimran006 Can you please let us know once you have read through the link shared by @pranav.kundaikar.inv if you are facing any difficulty?

Hello ,
I have connected my bolt device to arduino (tx -> rx , rx -> tx and Gnd -> Gnd) . I am working on smart bin project but my bolt device can’t able to read data from arduino serial correctly . It showing arbitary data . Please help me regarding this . I am using ultrasonic sensor (connected to arduino )for measuring distance . On arduino serial data is showing correctly . I am using mybolt.serialRead(‘13’) for reading data from arduino .

Hi @ajeetk258,

A screenshot of the data that is being pulled, along with the code would go a long way in figuring out what the issue is.

Hi…as per my knowledge you can connect the LED directly to the bolt. If you want to use the Arduino UNO you can connect the BOLT to the Arduino UNO via the Tx and Rx lines. After doing so you have to read the incoming data on the UART line. After you read the data you can use an If-Else condition.

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