Interfacing Contactless temperature sensor with Bolt WiFi

I am planning to make a Contactless Temperature Gun using the MLX90614 IR temperature sensor, so Can anyone share the process of how to interface the mlx90614 sensor with the bolt wifi module?
Would be grateful to you if you would help

Hi @jayank2998,

I am inviting @vinayak.joshi to help you out with query.

Thanks @rahul.singh1

Hi @rahul.singh1
till when will I get the assistance regarding my above query

Hi @jayank2998,

It is not possible to interface the MLX90614 sensor with the Bolt WiFi module directly.
You will first have to interface the same with an Arduino, and then interface the Bolt WiFi module with the Arduino.

You can find out how to interface the MLX90614 with an Arduino via the following blog.

You will then have to modify the code to upload the data to the Bolt WiFi module.
Here is an example of how data from Arduino can be sent to the Bolt Cloud via the Bolt WiFi module.

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Thanks, @vinayak.joshi
will try to implement this and get back to you in case of any queries

BTW can I make an IoT based Temperature Gun for uploading it in the IoT and ML challenge and the certification exam???

Hi @jayank2998,

I believe so, but @rahul.singh1 would be able to best answer your question.