Interfacing two boltduino

recently I found that boltduino is really a suitable for my robotics projects on that I have an doubt whether can I control one boltduino with another boltduino as a master and slave techniques through bolt cloud platform please response ASAP

Hi @rajmohanoff ,
As far as I can understand, you want one boltduino to connect to the cloud and you want to communicate with the other boltduino using I2c or spi. Yes it can be done. I would recommend you use I2C to communicate between the two just like you would do with two regular Arduino boards using the Wire library. Please let me know if you need any further help.

hello rajmohan,

I got your point. You want to connect two botduino and want to perform task with using communication protocol in your robotics project.Right?

If yes; then do not worry you can do it perfectly.
All the best. Feel free to ask any other thing.

Thanks for kind reply whether can I do master and slave connections with wireless and cloud techniques using two boltduino if yes can anyone suggest some tutorials for it