Interfacing with RTC (Real Time Clock) [Resolved]

Hey all,

Does BOLT have option to communicate to the PC clock?

Else advice how to interface RTC with BOLT and communicate via browser (i.e. html)

What are the SDK & SCL pins on the BOLT?


No currently no RTC interfacing is possible

Oh is it!

Appreciate your quick response!

Have few project ideas on RTC, anyways wishing to have the feature soon!


Hi, RTC can always be interfaced with an arduino and data can be read serially by the Bolt

Ya will check that when possible.


Hey what is that you linked???

@borntoloose29 My kind suggestion don’t link irrelevant topics, may be weird and confusing for referencing future student!!

Thanks, no offense!

hey ,You can use the internet as a RTC and why cant you connet hardware RTC directly to bolt?

@Jovian, ya I wanted to know, how to connect RTC using internet!

Also that is what I am asking the BOLT team!