Internal Implementation

In LDR project we are just calling the function plotChart () when is the internal implementation of code ,because in one single line code is not over?


Can you please specify more details to your question.

Actually for any program there are lot more lines of code but for LDR only one function has been called.There must be internal code also for LDR connection and all

Basically what happens in the bolt Cloud platform is that when we use the functions such as plotChart , setChartType, etc these function already have a back-end implementation for fetching values from the device and then displaying them into more structured and in a visualized format. We just use those function for plotting our data ,etc.
As for fetching the values / readings from the bolt device, the implementation may be similar to their “boltCommands.js” java script file in my opinion, and then with some graph plotting done in html.( This is just my opinion, it may or may not be true )

As for the back-end code I guess its not available anywhere for preview. So…yea, we can’t know for sure ! :sweat_smile:

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