Internet of Things Knowledge

Does anyone have a bad experience with the Internet of things? If yes, share with us.

In my opinion, there’s no absolute right or wrong about anything. Technology is ever-growing and it’s evolving at a faster pace than ever. That is sure to bring some difficulties with it.
While IoT has been a huge help from the perspective of cost reduction, general efficiency and productivity, business opportunities and customer experience, let me list a few difficulties yet to be addressed in the domain.
The fairly high upfront investment cost for most IoT projects is a major concern. However, it is easy to tackle if your optimisation and idea are aligned. Moreover, building a successful IoT product requires a breadth of skills. To have a useful IoT product, a company/individual needs to aggregate and analyze the backend data. They can use traditional analytics or advanced machine learning techniques, but quality analytics requires a data scientist. Finally, they will also need to present the data back to users in a helpful way in an effective front-end system, requiring a front-end developer. There’s also the matter of software vulnerabilities and complexities. One of the major issues, in my opinion, is that most projects try to adopt the business model that feeds off of gathering and selling consumer usage data. Thus, a gap is created between the expectations and the actual value added to consumers for connectivity.
However, these are generally issues that are faced by all industries that are technology-related. It is up to us, as the new generation of developers, to tackle these issues and increase productivity.
Hope this answers your query! :slight_smile:

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