Internship problem

I have completed my training but while applying to the internship it’s closed!!now what I have to do?

I must have to submit my internship certificate to my college for my attendance but it become much difficult to get an internship

Hi @raghav.srivastava ,
I had submitted the internship projects on 27th July and haven’t received anything on it. Could you please check on this? Tomorrow’s the last day to submit our internship certificate in my college. Thank you.

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@dindhushree would you like to share me the link of your project? So that I can able to know the problem!!

Hi @jhansinalla11,
If you want to apply assured internship provided with the IoT and ML training, go through Instructions for Assured Internship | Bolt IoT .

@dindhushree can you please share your email id? Which internship did you apply?

Hi @raghav.srivastava ,
I applied to IoT and ML internship.
Mail id:

See I have applied,but no response from any one what I have to do for my internship I really can’t understand!!

@jhansinalla11 the Google drive link you submitted is private, please make it public so I can have a look.

@dindhushree I can see your IoT and ML exam submission and it has been graded, but can’t find any internship submission. The team is looking into it.

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Hi @raghav.srivastava ,
I did submit on 27th July.

@dindhushree Apologies for the inconvenience caused, due to some technical error it was not visible, we’ll send the certificate shortly if it is good to go.


@dindhushree We have sent your certificate.

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Sorry,i didn’t see it

Thank you so much @raghav.srivastava .

@raghav.srivastava ,sir i have submitted my project document le along with videos but not responded yet
I have to submit my internship completed certificate to my college sir!!

Hi @jhansinalla11,
Apologies for the inconvenience caused.
We have received your video and if it is good to go, you’ll receive the certificate by today(4th August) end of the day.

Thank you,but please help me with the certificate,if certificate is not submitted then I can’t get any attendance from my college!!!

Hi @jhansinalla11,
You must have received the certificate by now. Please confirm.

Thank you,but can I get stipend by doing as Intern

@jhansinalla11 There’s no stipend for the assured internship.

Check out to know about paid internship opportunities.