Invaid coupon or expired

The coupon code which was given is shown invalid I cannot access the videos what is the problem please let me know

Please check if you have correctly entered the given coupon code once and if the problem still continues than wait for the reply from expert from bolt IOT because I had entered my coupon with in 15 to 30mins after getting mail and I smoothly got access to my training.

Recheck your email the code must be longer of about more than 20 characters!!


You have used an incorrect email while enrolling in the course for the first time 2 months back.
Now since you are using your correct email id, the coupon is shown as expired as you had already used it while enrolling using incorrect email id.

PFB the your entries that we have received.

I have deleted the entry with incorrect email id and provided course access to the correct email id.
Please login using your email id "" and you should be able to access the course.