Invalid api key

I am facing issues in api key of my bolt module.I have referred all the replies related to it still i couldnt get the solution.
the api key once used came valid but when i run the same code the next day…it came invalid…i didnt regenerate the api key and faced this problem.
I tried regenerating and using it multiple times…but each time …its the same prob i get for all the projects

you better check your email, Your API access may have been rate limited. Bolt may have rate limit your API access due to a large number of requests received from your account.
and You have crossed the allowed threshold of 20 hits in last 1 minute(s).
API requests for your account will be enabled in next: 6 Hours , try then
Visit to know about our API access rules.

Check your API key once again and write it as shown in your bolt iot cloud and after this if that is not working then generate the new API in the cloud by clicking on the generate new API key
After that new API key is generated and you can copy that into your code and it will definitely run
And also if you have generated the new API then your old codes won’t run make a point of that too.


Please make sure you are using the latest API key which you have generated. We have note received any api call from your latest API key.

is there anything like i can use the api code only once? cuz i waited for a while for my new generated API key to be activated and then when i run my first program it worked and for the second program it didnt