Invalid I'd and password

Hi sir!
I enrolled in the course of voice interface training and today I have accessed my account after a long time but is showing invalid id and password respectively. I wasn’t able to access it earlier because of the hustle around the whole wide world.
Please check it and tell me at the earliest

Hi @rachanaavasthi1,

As I can see you are already enrolled in the training with your email id rachanaava*** Please visit this link and click on Login -> Login with myTeachable account.

You can also reset your password by clicking on forgot password.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

You may entered your password or email id wrongly . As you login after a long time you would have forget your password .Don’t worry about it , you can reset the password by clicking on “Forgot password” link bottom of the login page.

  • Clicking on this link displays a window which ask us to enter your email id which you already registered with Bolt IOT.
  • And then instructions to reset a password are sent to your email id.
  • Open the mail you have received , click change password and set a new password to login your account.

Due to a long time might be forgetting the password 19 hours ago replied by Keerthanasheshathri is correct to follow the same but there is only one mistake that there is no “change password” option.
In place of “change option” after pressing the link to reset the password two options are there the first one is “New password” and the second is “Confirm password”. Enter the same in both the entries. In this way, your problem is solved. Now, type the appropriate “login name” and “password” and don’t forget the same.