IOS app has problems connecting to the controller

the ios version of the bolt iot app has trouble connecting to the controller. The controller does get wirelessly connected to the phone but the app isn’t recognizing the connection thats already been made.

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hey,this is also happened to me on android platform,so you just need to click on add device option present in app untill your device get connected,it takes some time but surely you get result.

I have tried iOS, I recommend you to manually connect to bolt wifi network and provide “bolt1234” as password in your settings and wait until it gets connected,
then switch to Bolt Iot app and try again

this has been happening to me too
please guide since it has still not connected to my ios device. i waited for 15 to 20 minutes…and still the blue keeps blinking at a fast rate. what should i do?

@mk2003god If possible, can you please share a small video of the setup process to It will help us to debug the issue.

I am also facing the same issue. I am connecting to bolt iot device through my apple 6s phone. I have connected to bolt wifi successfully, but after switching to bolt iot setup app, and click on the continue button, It shows message Not Connected-Make sure your device is connected to Bolt device. and I have wait for approx 30 minutes, but nothing happens. I am attaching all screenshot of my iphone.

@g.attarde We are looking into this. If possible, can you send us a video of the same to
Meanwhile, you can complete the initial setup of the Bolt using an Android phone.

In your case if the connection was made then you an check if it appears on your bolt cloud account ( If your device appears here then you can disconnect and follow the steps again.

If your Bolt module isn’t visible there (which means it has not been connected) in that case try forgetting the bolt WiFi from IOS and try again. Also, you can try closing and re-launching your app.

In my case, the module did got connected to my WiFi but still showed an error similar to yours. It was not detecting it. But when I logged in into my bolt cloud account the device was visible. This is what I did.
Hope this helps you.