IoT and ML Innovative Challenge-2

Is the last date for submission of IoT and ML Innovative Challenge - 2 still the same(because of lockdown) that is 1st June? Because I think many will still have to buy certain components and not all components are available on online simulators.

Yeah, because of the lockdown I am unable to purchase a lot of the components for my project. It would be really helpfull if they can extend the date.

Yes, the submission date for IoT and ML Innovative Challenge - 2 is still the same. There is very less chance for it to get changed. So I guess you should get your projects ready for submission as the link for submission will be released tomorrow as it is the deadline.

@rahul.singh1 considering the current situation is it possible to extend the date for the submission of the project for IoT and ML Challenge?

I’m pretty sure the deadline date remains the same but to be on the better side it’s upto us to find an alternative to find our necessities. I know its really very difficult but lets hope the officials understand our need and postpone the date.

@all, I got a reply from the support


Apologies, but the dates of the Innovation Challenge cannot be extended.

There will however be future Innovation Challenges that you can participate in. Just make sure you keep checking the course content every month.
Vinayak Joshi
Electronics Design Engineer - Bolt IoT

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Thanks @ziconm for giving us the information.

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Hi @ziconm, @sumitrana9910, @suryanshchoudhary12, @sritejasalike1999,

We will be extending the deadline for Innovation Challenge -2 and the last date to submit the project will be on 30th of September, 2020 and we will be sending the email regarding the same by today EOD.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.


@rahul.singh1 thank you very much for understanding and giving us more time to work on our projects.


Thank You very much :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much Sir. We’ll give our best and make you all proud!

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