Iot based robotic car

In the above project there are two files
One with .html extension and other with .js extension …can anyone tell me how to configure rx and tx as it is not a GPIO
pin Soo that I can connect it to Arduino and also what sould I upload to cloud (which code)…help me

Hello saimech.rymec,
I have also tried to do the same project. here you don’t need to upload any code to the cloud. just upload the code to the arduino and make necessary connections as shown in the project.

“Note” :do make sure that you have a reliable battery supply cause the motor driver module draws more current from supply and supply arduino seperately with 9v battery

if your connections are correct and you have used a good power supply to the project then all you need to do is to connect boiltiot module to internet.
then open the html file in the browser of computer or mobile.

Enter your boltiot id and apikey from cloud and then you are good to go.

Thank you for response @gulshanmishra02
but i am not understanding about that “.js” file what is the work of that .
and is it not required to link boltdevice to product …? as mentioned in course …
just typing API key and deiceid is enough…?

That ‘.js’ is basically a extension of code which we use to write code in boltiot cloud, if you remember.
it is required when you want to make the web page through which you can control your the car. here it is not important.
all you need to do is to open the HTML file in web browser upload code in Arduino and remember to connect reliable power supply to Arduino board and motor driver and make necessary connections.